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It has been a tough year since the undead arose and attacked. Fortunately, we were able to hunker down as a small community and make a relatively safe space for ourselves…for now. 

With resources stretched thin, everyone in our community is on scavenging rotation for supplies, which means anyone could come back bitten and infected at any time. 

While a bite is most certainly fatal, we don’t know much about the science and maybe it won’t be as bad this time! It would be a death sentence to reveal a bite and be banished from the group, so you have decided to keep it a secret. Unfortunately, you are not lucky enough to be immune.

Bitten is an undead-themed social deduction party game that uses a deck of cards (and maybe some snacks) to help simulate the paranoia of an apocalypse of the living dead. Over the course of an hour, those who are bitten must try to keep their condition a secret in the futile hopes of not becoming a shambling man-eater while those around them attempt to keep their community safe from the rising threat of the walkers closing in on them. 

Bitten works best with anywhere from 7-26 players, but feel free to adjust the game for more or less! 

Written by Penn Van Batavia 

Originally concieved for stargazersasha's Reliquary Weekly Jams (Season 1 Episode 2: The Oddest Hour)


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